Handheld device

Pet Supply Link
takes the paperwork
out of ordering.

Pet Supply Link is your gateway to efficient and
accurate order processing. Whether you are using an
approved handheld device, e-mailing a file from your
POS system, or e-mailing a spreadsheet order pad,
Pet Supply Link can handle it.

Here are just some of the benefits:
Easy to order - Scan UPCs and backtags for easy
order acquisition using the built in scanner.
Wi-Fi Enabled * - Submit orders over the Internet
without using a phone line. * Internet connection and
wireless router required.
E-mail Confirmation - Receive e-mail
acknowledgments at any active e-mail address.
Stocking Level Suggestions - Set target shelf
quantities for each item.
Order History - Conveniently review recent
order history.
Product Updates - Updated nightly with the most
current product catalog.