Choose from three options to fit your business!
Pet Supply Link is designed for maximum flexibility to best meet retailers' needs. Pet Supply Link can read and process orders with accuracy in almost any format. Start saving time and reducing order errors. Get started by choosing the option that best fits your business.
Handheld pc Spreadsheet
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Handheld Scanner
Great option for
retailers without a POS
system. You can scan
your order directly from
retail shelves.
This is the preferred
method for customers
utilizing a POS system.
Retailers can export and
email orders.
Spreadsheet Order Pad
Pre-built order pad for
retailers without a POS.
Use any PC with a
spreadsheet program to
email your order.
#1 Handheld Scanner

Customers use the Motorola MC70® handheld scanner loaded with the Mobiquity Route® application to take and send orders over the internet. Each scanner runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile®, one of the most user friendly platforms in the industry. Here are just some of the benefits of the MC70 and Mobiquity Route® Application:

Wi-Fi Enabled- Won't tie up phone or credit card lines while submitting orders.
* Internet connection and wireless router required.
Stocking Level Suggestions - Set target shelf quantities for each item.
Order History - Saves previous orders so that they can be reviewed.
Product Look Up - Search by item number or description.
Product Updates - Handheld units are updated nightly with the most current
product additions and price changes.
#2 Point-of-Sale

State of the art computer technology allows Pet Supply Link to accept and process electronic order files automatically. This all but eliminates common order entry mistakes and cuts order entry time by more than half.

If your Point of Sale system can export and email a .CSV, .XLS, .TXT, or .XML file, Pet Supply Link may be able to process your orders automatically.

It's convenient! Retailers do not have to add any extra steps to their current ordering process.

#3 Spreadsheet Order Pad

If you do not own a POS system, you can submit your orders using the spreadsheet order pad. The order pad comes preloaded with your account number, ship to number, item number, UPC, and description. You simply enter a PO number and a quantity for the items you want to order. Email the completed order directly to Pet Supply Link for processing.

If you do not currently have a spreadsheet application on your PC, there are many great free and paid options to choose from:

Google Docs - Free with account
Excel Web Apps - Free with account
Open Office - Free with download
Microsoft Excel - See website for details